"For over 20 years Bailey Nurseries has partnered with SevenHills Benefit Partners and has been extremely pleased with the consistent and reliable customer service they provide" 

John Bailey
Vice President of Finance
Bailey Nurseries

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The SevenHills Story

A little known fact about Saint Paul, Minnesota, is that it was founded on seven hills. In 1840 Father Lucian Galtier noted these prominent hills as he searched out the best location for a church to serve a new settlement on the Mississippi. Later, geographers mapped and named those seven hills as Dayton’s Bluff, Cathedral Hill, Capitol Hill, Crocus Hill, Prospect Park, Williams Hill and Mount Airy.

SevenHills Benefit Partners traces its own roots back to Saint Paul and the Pioneer Building in the early 1920’s. Today, we have our own prominent view of these hills from our offices in the Landmark Towers.