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Individual Health Plans

We are now in the Closed Enrollment Period for individual health plan enrollments. You must have a qualified life event to enroll in coverage prior to the 2018 Open Enrollment. Examples of qualified events are birth, marriage, or involuntary loss of other coverage. 

Minimum Fee for Service Requirement. SevenHills charges a fee to provide personalized assistance for individual health insurance inquiries. The fee is $100.00 for up to 30 minutes of our assistance, and $100 per hour thereafter. You must agree to the fee prior to obtaining assistance.

There may be exceptions to the Fee:

· If you apply and purchase individual health insurance, and SevenHills is compensated by the carrier you choose, and you keep the policy in force for 1 year, SevenHills will provide you a credit for the amount of your paid fee against future fees incurred for individual health insurance assistance.

· Your employer may pre-pay your fee for you.

· If your employer is a SevenHills employee benefit client your fee may be reduced or waived.

· SevenHills may choose to waive or change its fee.

For Minnesota residents:

There is no fee for Self-Service: 

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A Minimum Fee is required for personalized assistance.
Click the "buy now" button to pay your $100 minimum Fee via credit card.

Before you begin comparing policies, we’d like to share the following thoughts:

  1. SevenHills is a Certified MNsure agency.
  2. ALL health insurance is now guaranteed issue, prohibited from rating based on health risk, and cannot limit benefits for pre-existing conditions.
  3. Premiums for similar individual health policies are the same whether the policy is purchased with the assistance of a government exchange or not.
  4. Individual health insurance can only be purchased during the ACA open enrollment period. There are limited exceptions for certain life events.
  5. MNsure and other government exchanges:
    • Offer a limited number of individual health policy options.
    • Are the only source for government subsidies to help persons eligible for premium assistance.
    • Are the assessment and enrollment tool for people eligible for Medical Assistance and other government welfare health plans such as MinnesotaCare.

Do you have further questions? Please Contact SevenHills and we can help you evaluate your options and assist in enrolling in coverage.

SevenHills offer Individual plans from these Insurance companies: